Biodegradeable / Green

protect and care for your laminate floor with Lamantor Plus

Lamanator Plus products are 100% Biodegradable and Certified Green!

Deep Scrub Green Seal Restorer Green Seal Floor Cleaner Green Seal
Deep Scrub Green Seal Restorer Green Seal Flooring Cleaner Green Seal

Lamanator Plus products meet the Green Seal™ Environmental Standard for Industrial and Institutional Cleaners. The surfactants in the products are biodegradable which can be broken down into minerals, water and carbon dioxide. Biodegradation is a process in which organic substances are broken down by living organisms. The term biodegradable is often used in relation to ecology, waste management, environmental remediation and to plastic materials, due to their long life span.

Organic material can be degraded aerobically, with oxygen, or anaerobically, without oxygen.  A term related to biodegradation is biomineralisation, in which organic matter is converted into minerals.  Biodegradable substances are generally organic material such as plant and animal matter and other substances originating from living organisms.

We believe in charitable work and in the responsible stewardship of our planet.  Not only will you reap the many benefits of using our amazing, ready to use products to clean and shine your laminate & hardwood flooring, but you can feel good about it too!  Using our earth & health friendly laminate floor cleaning products, we are sure that you'll love your floors again!

Deep Scrub SDS Restorer SDS Flooring Cleaner SDS
Deep Scrub SDS Restorer SDS Flooring Cleaner SDS

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