Lamanator Plus™ is specially formulated to thoroughly Clean, Restore, Shine, Protect & Maintain Laminate Flooring.  It also works great on Vinyl, Tile, Wood & other hard surfaces. It puts a long lasting protective shine on the floor and helps eliminate footprint tracking, clouding and streaking.  It's About Time!


  • Deep Cleans Your Floor

    Will remove waxes, glues, factory over-spray and other stubborn residue that cause all kinds of maintenance issues.

  • Restores & Protects

    Put down a long lasting shine that will seal and protect your floor. Fills and hides scratches, prevents tracking and protects from liquid spills.

  • Works On

    Safe and effective on all hard surfaces including Laminate, LVP, LVT, Composite Tile, Wood and Slate.

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Product Line

  • Deep Scrub Cleaner

    Lamanator Plus™ Deep Scrub is the first line of defense in preparing a well worn or dirty floor for the process of restoration. This ready-to-use liquid is specifically designed to get in and do a deep and thorough cleaning, easily removing oils, factory dirt and grime.

    Perfect for removing any previously used products too. Using Deep Scrub also allows the Restorer finish to properly adhere to the surface of your laminate floor; you'll never get any peeling! Getting the cleanest laminate floor is so easy.

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  • Restorer Finish

    Lamanator Plus™ Restorer is designed to be the second and final step in bringing your laminate flooring back to a showroom shine. It helps to seal joints and hide minor scratches in your flooring.

    This fantastic product helps to protect the original laminate surface and makes foot prints a thing of the past. Your flooring will be much easier to clean. It is made from the highest quality polymers in the world and is made up of 24.5% solids, making it the most durable semi permanent coating for residential & commercial flooring.

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  • Neutral Flooring Cleaner

    Lamanator Plus™ Floor Cleaner and Revitalizer is your maintenance cleaner. It will keep your laminate or hardwood floor looking 'Showroom New'.

    It is the perfect cleaner for your regular cleaning, touch-ups and maintenance for your flooring and will never streak or leave any residue.

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  • Complete Kits

    Lamanator Plus™ is available in ready to use kits which contain everything you need to do the process. They include the product, our two in one mop kit, spray triggers and an instructional video.

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Love Your Floors Again!

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If you've been thinking of replacing your weathered, old, scratched or scuffed flooring -- give us a try first! Our products are so easy to use and will clean, revitalize and restore your floors. In many cases our customers are delighted to find that their old floors look brand new again. Before spending thousands of dollars and creating an overwhelming replacement project, try Lamanator Plus!

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