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LamanatorPlus™: Laminate Floor Cleaner & Restoration Products!

A state of the art line of products that will get your laminate, vinyl, cork, bamboo, or hardwood flooring looking as good as new! Even better!! So simple to use a ten year old kid can do it. We are proud to offer some of the best laminate floor cleaning products on the market.

Our premium cleaner combined with our restoration products offer an easy-to-use fool-proof process that can clean, restore, protect & shine your laminate floors to a beautiful finish that resembles a new floor, and in most cases, better than new! It’s not just a floor cleaning solution, it’s a full restoration of your floors, and it’s About Time! It also works miracles on engineered wood, vinyl plank & tile, cork and bamboo floors.

What does LamanatorPlus™ do for your floors?

  • Puts a beautiful showroom shine on old or dull flooring
  • Helps protect the original surface
  • Helps seal flooring joints from liquid spills & moisture
  • Fills and hides minor scratches
  • Removes scuff marks
  • Deep cleans the any kind of flooring
  • Gives your it a new look
  • Helps eliminate prints from bare feet and pets
  • Does the same thing for vinyl, cork and bamboo floors
  • Works wonders on hardwood flooring too. NO SANDING REQUIRED
  • Will take the daily punishment instead of the laminate top coat
  • Also works great on panels, countertops and cabinets

What will LamanatorPlus™ remove from your floors?

  • Waxes
  • Factory Overspray
  • Orange Glo
  • Rejuvenate
  • Quick Shine
  • Mop & Glo
  • Vinegar & Water
  • Paint
  • Wood Solv
  • Bona
  • Wood Pecker’s Smart Shine
  • Floor Polish
  • And almost any other product that shouldn’t be put on the floor

What Is The Best Way To Clean Laminate Floors?

Here are the simple steps:

1. Vacuum or Sweep floor to remove any dirt, dust, and lint
2. Lightly spray the Fresh Start cleaner on the floor
3. Mop the floor with the white scrub pad (furnished)
4. Rinse the floor with water with the microfiber pad (furnished)
5. Let dry
6. Spray a light coat of the Restorer finish product on the floor
7. Spread the finish evenly using the microfiber pad (furnished)
8. Let dry ½ hour
9. Apply second and final coat to the floor

The floor can be walked on in 1 hour; furniture can be moved back in 3 hours. It’s that simple!

We see a lot of people recommending water & vinegar as a laminate floor cleaner. This is a big mistake! Vinegar is an acid and each time you clean with it, it eats away at the surface, dulling and potentially weakening the top coating of your floor.

Please click the link for a more detailed article on how to clean laminate floors.

LamanatorPlus Is Available In Kits or Individually – Check out our entire Product Line here

The Kits: All kits contain everything you need to do the job, including the product, Mop Frame, Microfiber Cloth, Scrub Pad & Instructional DVD.

The Complete Home Kit: Generally for older floors or floors that have scuff marks or scratches and floors that are just getting dull and lifeless. It can also be used for newer floors that you want a better shine and protection on. This kit contains the Fresh Start Cleaner, the Restorer Finish, and the ongoing maintenance Floor Cleaner.

The Fresh Start Kit: This kit is for new floors only. It is designed to clean the factory overspray off the floor and for ongoing maintenance cleaning. If used on a new floor you will never have a problem with the floor for years. When it starts to show wear you can simply order the Restorer product making the floor look brand new again.

Other kits, i.e., the Value Pack Kit have additional bottles of one of the products for larger floors and the Complete Gallon Kit is ideal for commercial applications or very large homes.

You can also order individual litre bottles or gallons. Click Here To Shop Now.

With LamanatorPlus, you will love your floor again!

If you’ve been thinking of replacing your weathered, old, scratched or scuffed hard wood or laminate flooring — give us a try first! Our products are so easy to use and will revitalize and restore your floors. In many cases our customers are delighted to find that their old floors look brand new again. Before spending thousands of dollars and creating an overwhelming replacement project, try LamanatorPlus™

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